Delivering net-zero: How better data sharing can help innovation in UK energy

Main session — Panel discussion on Open Energy

[Open Energy panel]

Main session — Bryony Worthington and James Lovelock

[Bryony Worthington and James Lovelock]

The Open Banking movement has shown how a sector can transform at a global scale when it reimagines data access and data infrastructure. We believe that the same principle can apply to the energy sector.

Imagine, if at the point of investment, that an investor could demand that the data-flows demonstrate net-zero; at the points of design, construction, operation and decommissioning. Imagine if they could incentivise provable net-zero delivery at each point in this supply chain!

Icebreaker One has launched Open Energy to explore how we can share information across the entire energy network to keep the lights on and drive towards net-zero. The approach focuses on a systemic shift in culture and practice, rather than on developing new technologies. But is the sector ready? Can the energy industry adapt rapidly to a different way of working, aligned with the UK’s National Data Strategy? What will be the challenges along the way and can the energy sector become a positive driver of net-zero?

Join us for a panel discussion with industry leaders and thinkers to talk about how we make open energy a reality.