Open Energy Membership

Join us to shape our Net Zero Future and make it easy to search, access, and securely share energy data.

As organisations develop data and analytics solutions across their businesses and explore increasingly diverse use cases (eg. flexibility, asset management, network planning, customer data, EV capacity) they are becoming both data providers and data users.

Open Energy is a non-profit initiative to address how to create open marketplaces for secure and trusted data sharing. This includes the development of principles, practices and programmes that convene the sector around its data-sharing needs. Its scope of work includes, but is not limited to, data search, access control, authentication, consent management, codified data rights, liability frameworks, regulatory compliance, technology and data standards.

Open Energy:

  • convenes stakeholders across the public and private sectors to shape national data infrastructure
  • helps inform strategic development for data and digitisation
  • explores use cases that demonstrate both commercial and public value
  • identifies opportunities to unlock efficiencies and innovation that deliver a Net Zero Future
  • bridges gaps between commercial priorities and the public interest
  • addresses emerging recommendations (e.g. EDiT) and regulation
  • showcase impact stories and lessons learned
  • delivers services that support the market (search, access control, codes of practice, standards)

Following extensive industry consultation, via the national MEDA programme, the funding model was agreed to be membership-based and tiered based on organisational size. Pricing is as detailed below.

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Your turnover (£M)Membership fees
Strategic partner
(open to private, public and third sectors)
Member – Enterprise> £36M5
Member – Medium-sized business£10M – £36M3
Member – Small business £2M – 10M0.5
Member – Micro business/startup< £2M0.25
Public sector (e.g. Local Authorities)n/a0.25
Ecosystem supporter (e.g. Trade bodies)n/a0.0
Policy partner (e.g. Government, Regulators)tbc
Sponsorship (evaluated on a case-by-case basis)n/acustom

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners engage in funding dedicated leadership programmes that focus on specific use cases, require innovation across organisational boundaries, and require neutral convening to help navigate the data value chain. This Icebreaking process creates a strategic onramp into the Open Energy ecosystem.

If you would like to discuss further, please contact

Membership Terms:
(NB: these terms were co-developed with industry through an Open Energy Advisory Group)
Open Energy is operated by Icebreaker One Ltd, a Limited by Guarantee, independent, non-partisan, non-profit.