Open Energy Membership Proposition Summary

Open Energy is a service that makes it easy to search, access and securely share energy data. Backed by Ofgem and the UK Government, it brings together data held by thousands of individual organisations and institutions to enable an open marketplace and net-zero future.

Through collaboration and open standards, Open Energy members unlock sector-wide efficiency and innovation that can enable their own data strategies:

For data providers – Open Energy helps increase the addressable market for commercial and open data

For data consumers – Open Energy provides efficient access to both commercial and open data

Membership will be tiered, with initial fees based on turnover:

  • Strategic Partners
  • Enterprise
  • Small/Medium Enterprise
  • Micro Business
  • Non-Profit

Open Energy will offer tailored support (Communications, Sandbox and Service Desk) to meet the needs of typical Open Energy members in each tier. Through Open Energy membership, organisations will accelerate digitalisation and decarbonisation within their business and also at sector level.

  • Membership of the service will:
  • Reduce costs of data sharing and digitalisation
  • Support DNO Data Best Practice and Digital Strategy Action Plan requirements
  • Enable compliance with increasing data sharing regulations
  • Meet strategic company objectives

Interim fees have been proposed taking into account feedback from industry consultation and the Open Energy Advisory and Steering Groups. The interim fee model will be applied from August 2021 and will run until March 2023. Further consultation on the fee model will take place in 2022.