Call to enter the 2021 EDVP Showcase for Energy Data Visualisations

We are seeking to showcase the best existing UK energy data visualisations that bring data to life and to inspire the future use of UK energy data!

Showcase entries will be featured on our website at and the best entries will be featured at a virtual event on 29th July.

Deadline for entries: 09.00 BST, 6 July 2021
Virtual Showcase event for the best entries: 29 July, 2021
Judging panel:
Three winners will be selected by representatives including from BEIS, the EDVP Steering Group, Energy Digitalisation Task Force and the EDVP Advisory Group.
Awards: Awards of up to £7k will be made to each of the three winners (at the sole discretion of the Judging panel).




  • can only be made by UK registered companies or organisations
  • must already exist to at least proof of concept level
  • must use UK energy data or data relating to the use of energy in the UK, such as energy business data, consumer data in aggregate, operational or engineering data, open data. For example, a visualisation that aids network operators better understand and plan flexibility markets, or engineer modelling for a electrified transport grid.
  • must provide a URL – either to view the direct work, or to view images, documentation or other material to show the work in situ.


We ask that you submit a minimum of the following. Please keep in mind that these materials could be used on to showcase your work:

  • written descriptions that addresses the scoring criteria below
  • a link to your work or demo (if the direct work is not online, please link to a slide deck, blog post, website or other evidence of your work in situ.

To further support your entry, you may also submit:

  • a video demo or overview (links to YouTube or Vimeo preferred no longer than two minutes in length)
  • other assets (documents, images, links) that may be useful to showcase your work – no more than the equivalent of two A4 pages or 2 presentation slides)

More than one entry per organisation can be submitted, but each entry should be submitted separately.


Each entry will be scored on the following:

  1. Meets user need(s) in an energy-specific context
  2. Sector / market-wide relevance
  3. Repeatability (can be scaled vertically and/or horizontally across applications and across organisations) 
  4. Exemplar of data visualisation / innovation that helps users gain insights, make better decisions, analyse systems
  5. Usability and accessibility by the target users who benefit from the application
  6. Market readiness (TRL IUK Tech Readiness Level must be at least TRL3 — proof of concept) 


Showcase terms & conditions


The UK is investing £100M’s to revolutionise its energy infrastructure, to help us help Net Zero, to adapt to huge changes in energy supply (e.g. renewable energy) and demand (e.g. vehicles).

As part of this we are running a national showcase for Energy Data Visualisation. This is part of a BEIS Energy Data Visibility Programme to deliver a services that:

  • increase the visibility of energy system metadata (a description of the attributes of a dataset), by listing metadata centrally, to an agreed standard
  • provide a mechanism for missing/closed data to be requested by energy system participants
  • provide direct access to data that is open to the user
  • allow data users to provide feedback on the quality of data
  • collect service analytics

Through BEIS and UKRI-funded programmes, we are developing Open Energy to address access to data. To help bring this to life, and ensure that everyone engaged in this ecosystem can make their expertise visible to as many people as possible.  This will help everyone collaborate to work out what needs to be done, where skills are needed and help signal areas of focus for further investment.