Data Spectrum for Energy

With a view to better explaining the potential for open and shared data to address climate change, the Open Data Institute (ODI) and Icebreaker One have developed a Data Spectrum for Energy.

Icebreaker One is exploring how to rapidly evolve financial and energy systems to embed net-zero into all investments in a manner that is demonstrable, provable and uses data to hold organisations to account.

Open Data can be used by anyone for anything for free (e.g. Creative CommonsOpen Government Licence)

Shared Data is data with a preemptive licence (e.g. ‘data as a service’ that can be used with certain restrictions)

Closed data requires a user-specific custom licence/contract for use (e.g. ‘bilateral contract’ for a specific project)

This work is built upon in our development of Shared Data.

If you have feedback on our joint Data Spectrum for Energy, please get in touch.